I received an email from fixngive and honestly ignored it for a few days.  Once I opened the email and looked at their website, I was fascinated.  Someone actually contacted me, to help my classroom!  I am a special education teacher in a district with many low income families.  Technology in our district is given to the regular classrooms only.  I have one desktop computer, which was supplied to me by Crayons to Computers.  I work with second grade students, which means they will leave me to go to third grade to have complete online state testing.  It made me very sad to think that the lowest students in the grade would not be receiving the complete support they needed to be successful next year.  Fixngive supplied me with laptops to help me toward my goal.  I am now able to have my students work on their weekly extended response questions on the laptops.  I am now able to give that true "small group setting" for the district testing we do three times a year.  I would not be able to do these thing with my students without the help of the team from fixngive.

Beth Perrmann
Teacher, Goshen Schools